Sanremo Cafe Racer espresso machine

Style and substance combine together to make an espresso machine that is stunning to look at and a joy to use. Inspired by the designer’s own vintage Café Racer motorbike, Sanremo have produced an espresso machine with millilitre accurate espresso production and rarely matched temperature stability. And all this within a beautifully crafted shell.

The first espresso machine to have a dashboard for each grouphead, the speedometer-inspired information display keeps you informed of all the measurements you need to know every espresso is on point. In keeping with its motorsport aesthetic, it is built from the ground up to support the barista in ease of use, speed, efficiency and consistent performance. Rest assured all the important technical aspects are absolutely top notch. You tell this machine what to do and it will do just that every time.

And as for the look and appearance, Sanremo want their Racers to be an integral visual part of your café as well as the caffeinated beating heart of your business. Twenty different variations of its colour and material palette are available direct form the factory, with space for further customisation after the fact. Sanremo want you to be as proud of your Racer in every respect, just as they are.

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