Sanremo Opera 2.0 espresso machine

The crème de la crème of coffee machines, the Sanremo Opera 2.0 offers unparalleled control over how you make espresso. It makes showcasing multiple different coffees easy and intuitive.

Each group head has 3 programme selectors, with a ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ function for each one, giving you the option to programme in 6 different coffee recipes. Each recipe has fully programmable preinfusion, main infusion and post infusion, all programmed through a machine-paired app, offering you control over every aspect of the espresso process you could ever need, from temperature to pressure to volume to weight.

By opting for the weight-controlled setup over the standard volumetric, you enter into a whole new world of machine-aided espresso brewing. Through connecting via Bluetooth with a custom set of Acaia scales, an onboard AI monitors water flow and espresso weight. Programme a recipe to 38g and if the programme is even slightly out, the AI autocorrects for next time, keeping an eye on consistent coffee production so you don’t have to. It maintains shot accuracy all day, every day and eliminates time and coffee wastage from barista error or staff changes across the day.

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