Victoria Arduino Eagle One espresso machine

Victoria Arduino's Eagle One is a superb piece of kit - it's the espresso machine that we choose to use ourselves at the roastery and we absolutely love it!

Designed with end users and the planet in mind, the Eagle One doesn't only look magnificent, perform incredibly well with great accuracy and consistency, it also uses significantly less power than other espresso machines in the same class. It is also manufactured mostly of recyclable materials.

Available in three standard colour ways, white, black and silver, there is also the option to customise the panels to suit your brand or coffee shop design, and in both 2 and 3 group setup.

With an option for an incredibly well performing auto steam wand (we challenge you to texturise you milk better and as consistently!) you'll find you have far more time to engage with your customers. 

A 1 group version is also available in the form of the E1 Prima.

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