Felicita Parallel Bench Scale

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Felicita’s dedicated bench scale model, Parallel coffee scales are designed for brewing perfect hand brew coffee. With both 0.1g-accurate weight measurements and a timer function, every bit of data you need while brewing coffee is readily available. Once you have your brewing recipe settled, you’ll be able to easily repeat it over and over with all the data you’ll ever need on display for you. Your coffee brewing will never be more consistent.

They’re also built wide enough to fit your espresso machine’s portafilter on, making them the ideal espresso machine partner for ensuring your ground coffee weights are where they should be for making great espresso.

Parallel scales are much more durable than other competitive bench coffee scales, with sturdy construction.

Connect the scales via Bluetooth to your phone or computer through Felicita’s bespoke  app and you can unlock more functionality and the potential to see all the date in one place for your coffee recipes. They also come with a rechargeable battery, charged via standard USB  charger cables (one included).

Please note we do not hold stock of this item and it is ordered in so may take a few days to ship to you.

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