Sitio Gamelao - Natural 1KG (Brazil)

Sugared Almonds, Strawberry and Raisin.

Region: Sul De Minas
Country: Brazil
 Yellow and Red Catuai
 Sebastiao Elol Miranda 

Importer: Olam Coffee

Crop Year: 2019

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Delivering a full-bodied but sweet, acidic taste, Sitio Gamelao leads with flavours of sugared almonds before giving way to a fruity finish, as well as an underlying edge of chocolate, creating a very well-balanced coffee. 

This rare brew comes from the Machado region of Brazil, just a short distance north-east of Rio de Janeiro. It benefits from a higher altitude than most other coffee producers in the country, meaning cherries can be developed more slowly in the cooler climate – one that’s perfect to develop Sitio Gamelao’s subtle yet distinct acidity.

This is grown and cultivated by Sebastiao Eloi Miranda, who has been involved with coffee since a young age and, after turning 25, bought his first piece of land to grow coffee. Up until the last few years, Sebastiao focused on quantity and mixed his micro lots. Now, because of the rave reviews he gets for this incredible coffee, he produces just 500 bags annually, sun drying beans on his cemented patio alongside raised beds.

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