Mörk Chocolate - Original Dark 70% (250g)

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Cacao: 70%

Origin: Sur Del Lago, Venezuela

The Original Dark is Mörk's founding blend and their first step into the brave new world of speciality cacao. The increased Cacao count on the Junior allows some more complex flavour notes of almonds and ripe berries to come through along with the increased richness you'd expect from a darker chocolate. And it's vegan to boot!

Founded in Melbourne in 2012, Mörk Chocolate drew inspiration from their town's rightly famous speciality coffee scene, applying the same focus on ethics and traceability as their caffeinated fellows. They carefully make their cocoa blends to highlight the qualities unique to their individual origins.

Every chocolate is made with all-natural ingredients: cacao powder, unsweetened 100% cacao liquor and organic unrefined coconut blossom sugar. 

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