How We Roast


Roasting on a Probat Probatone 12, we roast in small batches to ensure every bean is treated with the utmost respect.

Rather than roasting a coffee "for espresso" or "for filter", we prefer a roasting style known as “omniroasting”. In roasting, we simply aim to bring out all the natural flavour and sweetness inherent in the bean to its utmost extent. We aim to highlight the uniqueness of that individual bean and its origin in flavour and character.

As a result, the “ideal” brew method for an omniroasted coffee is left entirely up to you (not that we won’t have a particular favourite ourselves). What you look for in a coffee can be a very subjective, personal experience. The omniroast respects both the bean and the drinker's individual taste and approach to coffee.

We consider a multitude of variables before the coffee enters the roaster: density, moisture content, processing, varietal and batch size. Once we have an idea on how to begin, we test over and over until we experience exactly what we want on the cupping table. Even after we have released a coffee we still test every roast to see if we can improve upon what has been set. Everything we do is logged so that we may refer back to and repeat what we have achieved previously.