How We Source


Belco are our green buyers of choice, an independent family-owned company based in Bordeaux and La Havre, France. Dedicated to a sustainable supply chain, their ethics mirror our own in wanting to avoid putting the financial burden for coffee on any one link in the chain, be it the farmer, ourselves or the end consumer. They put careful thought and consideration into ensuring prices remain fair across the board, while ensuring the farmer a liveable livelihood. 

Belco direct trades all of their coffees with the farmers or wet mills. We through Belco are thus able to pay a fair price to the farmers so as to improve their quality of life and help them improve the quality of their crop.

Using a supplier like Belco allows us to produce coffee that may not otherwise make it to these hallowed isles, offering tastes and experiences that are unique to the UK market.

Where we can, we communicate and work as directly as we are capable with the coffee grower themselves. We aim for as direct a trade as possible for a small fledgling roastery, with Belco acting as our intermediary when our own resources fall short.

We want coffees that shine, that sparkle, that bring something different to the table. We want you to have more than just a cup of coffee; we want you to have a sensory experience like nothing you have had before.