How We Source


We have close working relationships with several green coffee importers in the UK. In our trading partners we look for people dedicated to a sustainable supply chain, whose ethics mirror our own in wanting to avoid putting the financial burden for coffee on any one link in the chain, be it the farmer, ourselves or the end consumer. They put careful thought and consideration into ensuring prices remain fair across the board, while ensuring the farmer a liveable livelihood. We through our improters are thus able to pay a fair price to the farmers so as to improve their quality of life and help them improve the quality of their crop.

To that end, we have teamed up with Raw Material, the young upstarts of the bunch, who work with a smaller roster of farms so as to truly foster and nurture close relationships with coffee producers, going so far as to purchase their own farm in El Fenix, Colombia; Schluter Coffee, a family-run business currently headed by its sixth generation, who have been trading and working with East African coffee farmers since 1858 and now have trade links and wet mills across the coffee-growing world; and Cafe Imports, one of the largest speciality importers in the world with a comprehensive range of green coffee from across the globe, all founded and underpinned by deep community and environmental development at origin, covering everything from local education and infrastructure initiatives to better farming practices to ensure their land's continued sustainability.

We also purchase coffee through Belco, an independent family-owned company based in Bordeaux and La Havre, France. Using a supplier like Belco allows us to produce coffee that may not otherwise make it to these hallowed isles, so look out for seasonal UK exclusives from them throughout the year.

Where we can, we communicate and work as directly as we are capable with the coffee grower themselves. We aim for as direct a trade as possible for a small fledgling roastery, with our importer acting as our intermediary when our own resources fall short.