Sanremo Coffee Machines


We are proud to be partnered with Sanremo Coffee Machines as our espresso gear suppliers of choice and believe that their consistent performance means that they are the perfect kit for any coffee shop.

Every machine is designed with functionality and ease of use in mind, from the barista controlling the pulling of espresso through to the important maintenance. Paired with Sanremo's own coffee grinders, offering some of the best grind and dosing consistency on the market, you can have a solid coffee set-up all without breaking the bank. If you do need to arrange finance for your setup, we can help there as well.

Sanremo Cafe Racer 3 Group through the steam

There is an espresso machine for every taste, purpose and budget, from the Sanremo Zoe Vision to the high-end ultimate precision of the Opera and its .01 gram-accurate espresso production. With a vast amount of customisation options available you can really make your machine your own.

Sanremo Opera White 3 group espresso machine

Sanremo imbue every one of their machines with its own character. As appreciators of aesthetics, they know that the espresso kit you use can be just as expressive of your coffee shop's own character as the staff you hire and the art on the walls. To that end, they offer a range of customisation options on each machine to make sure it fits in to its new home on the bar counter perfectly.

The Zoe Vision nails the basics, offering consistency and usability in one affordable package. Its sleek, minimal lines make for an unobtrusive single-boiler espresso machine that quietly gets on with things.

Sanremo Zoe Vision commercial espresso machine

The Verona RS is a true workhorse, its retro design belying its modern multiboiler setup and efficiency at producing great espresso.

Sanremo Verona RS commercial espresso machine

The Cafe Racer elevates espresso machine design into an art form. Its motorbike-inspired stylings catch the eye of all who see it, modelled after the owner's very ride. With fantastic temperature stability and easy controlling of brew parameters, it also makes an incredibly consistent cup of coffee, its millilitre-accurate flow rate never missing a beat even during busy service.

Sanremo Cafe Racer Renegade commercial espresso machine

The absolute creme de la creme is the appropriately grandly named Opera 2. The Opera offers unparalleled control over every aspect of the brew, from temperature to pressure to the volume of espresso produced. If there's a variable you want to be able to influence, you can, through its intuitive tablet-paired interface, with 6 programmable brew options for each grouphead. Coupled with its custom Acaia scales for each group, once you set your desired espresso brew profile and weight, it is even clever enough to autocorrect when it pulls a shot even the tiniest bit short or long, learning and adapting how it brews as it goes on.

Sanremo Opera commercial espresso machine

Simply get in touch on 07540 608 504, or using the contact form below to discuss which machine is going to most closely match your needs, along with the best prices we're able to offer you on them.

To view the range of Sanremo machines please see Coffee Shop Equipment or if you'd like some help in selecting the most suitable gear for your needs please just get in touch on 07540 608 504 or via our contact form below and we'll be happy to help as well as discuss the best prices that we can offer you.