Who We Are


Maude Coffee are a speciality micro roaster operating from our base under the railway lines of Leeds. We’re a small team of passionate individuals who all care deeply about showing the breadth and depth of coffee’s potential, both as a diverse, tasty product for your enjoyment first thing in the morning and as a sustainable livelihood for the farmer.

To that end, we only offer coffee that is highly traceable back to the grower, be it an estate, farm or microlot. This way we can ensure an at all points ethical supply chain and know that those working to produce such good coffee are paid what they deserve and are rewarded with recognition for their efforts. We want the farmers we showcase to not just be surviving but thriving.

We achieve this by exclusively offering single origin coffees, working very closely to the seasons of the coffee-growing world to ensure we buy and roast only the most freshly harvested green beans and produce the most flavoursome coffee that bean has the potential to be.

Roasted coffee in cooling tray

With over 20 years combined experience in almost all the aspects of the industry short of farming ourselves, from being a barista to engineering, from sourcing green to roasting, we aim to bring all this to bear on everything we do. The first roast we ever did was conducted with the same care and consideration as our last of the week.

Maude Coffee Roasters, Railway Street, Leeds