Esperanza Cardenas Geisha - Honey 200g (Colombia)

Stewed Peach, Honey Suckle and Chamomile.

Region: Caldas
Country: Colombia 
Process: Honey
Variety: Geisha
Producer: Esperanza Cardenas

Altitude: 1600-1900m

Importer: Raw Material 

Crop Year: 2019

Please note: We roast and package our coffee to order every Monday for postage the following Wednesday. To ensure we get your order in time, please place them before 9am on Monday.

Finca Tio Coneo translates as Uncle Rabbit which has been with Esperanza for 12 years and his family. They decided to name the farm this as it honours the Caldense oral tradition of a vivid and cunningcharacter of those who didnt have opportunities gifted. It represents their ability to adapt and traditional values of hard work to make the farm a success. Its owners: Ivanov, Angela, and Esperanza, are defined by these characteristics and were not traditional coffee farmers historically. This allowed them to approach coffee farming with a different perspective and adapt to the needs of the coffee industry in an innovative way. Among its varieties there can be found: Sudan Rumé, Tabi and Castillo. The focus on quality is enforced with three post-harvest processes: natural, honeydew and washed. The process for the Gesha honey coffee begins with the picking during the day. Then the cherries are separated by density in a regulated temperature bath. After this all the cherry is let for 12 hours to ferment. Afterwards, the coffee is pulped and taken to the solar drying process for 18 days where it it turned regularly and then left to rest for at least 1 month to stablise.


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