Felicita Arc Espresso Scale

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For the professional barista or home espresso fanatic looking to up their game, Felicita’s ARC coffee scales are the perfect tool for making sure your espresso recipe is thoroughly on point. Both time and 0.1g-accurate beverage weight are clearly visible, the two most important elements for the consistent, repeatable making of great coffee.

They have been designed with espresso production in mind. They feature both an auto-tare and auto-timer function, meaning they zero themselves when you begin brewing espresso after placing your cup, then start the timer as soon as they detect coffee pouring into the cup. No more remembering to hit go on your phone timer or remembering to tare the scale beforehand.

Further, they are small enough to fit comfortably on your espresso machine’s drip tray and fully waterproof. However, they’re also wide enough to fit your pourover kit on too, making them the perfect fit for the coffee lover who wants to be able to do it all, espresso or hand brew.

The scales have Bluetooth, so you can connect them to their bespoke app, unlocking more functionality and the potential to really fine tune your coffee recipes. They also come installed with a rechargeable battery that charges via standard USB cables (one included).

Please note we do not hold stock of this item and it is ordered in so may take a few days to ship to you.

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