Finca Chayote - Honey 350g (Costa Rica)

Red Apple, Caramel & Cola Bottles.

Region: Naranjo, West Valley
Country: Costa Rica
Villa Sarchi
Hermanos Aguilera 

Importer: Cafe Imports

Crop Year: 2019

Please note: We roast and package our coffee to order every Monday for postage the following Wednesday. To ensure we get your order in time, please place them before 9am on Monday.

Made up of 12 brothers and sisters (hermanos literally translates as brothers but in Spanish actually denotes mixed male and female siblings), the Aguileras of Finca Chayote are the second-generation of their family to produce coffee in the West Valley. Their father was one of the first coffee growers in the area, and planted his farm 70 years ago. Despite their neighbours saying coffee would not grow there, the area is now rich with coffee lands. Most of the siblings own farmland and co-manage their micro-mill, which they installed with the earnings from their fourth-place Cup of Excellence win in 2007.

Before they had the mill, the family was selling its coffee to a local cooperative and did not have any connection with the roasters who bought the lots. Now that they handle their own processing and selling, they can get immediate feedback from their trading partners that help them plan improvements for the next year's crop. They even have a nursery in which they are growing many different varieties, including Gesha and SL-28, as well as Bourbon and Villa Sarchi, with which to expand their offering. With the region's susceptibility to the disease of coffee leaf rust, such efforts are also important for achieving a balance between high quality and rust-resistant coffee varieties.

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