Gacokwe - Washed 350g (Burundi)

Green Apple, Honeydew Melon & Cocoa.

Region: Rango, Kayanza
Country: Burundi
Bourbon, Jackson & Mbirizi
Various smallholders 

Importer: Cafe Imports

Crop Year: 2019

Gacokwe Washing Station is located near the township of Rango in Kayanza province, an area renowned for its coffee and tea production. Roughly 2,000 coffee producers in the area rely on the station for the processing of their harvest. They either deliver their harvests directly to Gacokwe or to one of six affiliated local collection points. These farmers on average own less than half a hectare of land, typically also growing crops like bananas, beans, yams, taro, and cassava, both for sale and for household use.


NOTE: We roast and package our coffee to order every Monday for postage the following Wednesday. To ensure we get your order in time, please place them before 9am on Monday.

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