Kinto Pebble Cup & Saucer

We bought a few of these sets in for our own use, and love them so much that we thought we should make the Kinto Pebble Cup and Saucer Sets available online for you.

Made in Japan, and inspired by nature, the Pebble Cup & Saucer set's soft texture and round shape are reminiscent of, yep you guessed it, water worn pebbles. The form shape and the thin porcelain walls make them beautiful to hold and to drink from, while at the same time being microwave and dishwasher safe.

Available in moss green or brown, we know you'll enjoy using these standout cups and saucers as much as we are.

Height: 60mm
Diameter: 80mm
Capacity: 180ml

Height: 15mm
Diameter: 110mm

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