Kirundo - Washed 1kg (Burundi)

Dates, Chocolate Ganache, Lime.

Region: Kirundo Province
Country: Burundi
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Producer: Cafex  

Altitude: 1450-1600m

Importer: Olam

Crop Year: 2021

Please note: We roast and package our coffee to order every Monday for postage the following Wednesday. To ensure we get your order in time, please place them before 9am on Monday.

This lot was produced with a traditional fully washed process with a modified ‘semi-dry’ fermentation. Ripe cherries are pulped, soaked in  water for 2 hours and drained, then fermented overnight. After fermentation the coffee is again soaked for 2 hours before washing - first in  fermentation tanks and then through a classic African grading channel. Sun drying is carried out on raised African beds for an average of  20 days, depending on the weather.

The operation of this washing station is a huge challenge. Farmers work all day to handpick their coffee cherries, arriving at the washing station at sunset where the workers give the coffee their greatest care.  The processing takes place at night, while the reception of the cherries takes place from sunrise until the early hours of the night, allowing farmers to focus on providing the highest quality. 

The Cafex station has positively impacted families in the region. The town where the washing station is located is undeveloped and the implementation of the Cafex station allows men and women of the town to find a job that gives them a better salary to improve their quality of life. Families who have a seasonal job have the opportunity to receive an extra income that gives them access to medical care or allows them to buy books in order to send their children to school. Whereas many coffee producers have to wait many months to receive final payment for their harvest, Cafex has introduced a weekly payment to growers, with no delay. It allows them to have a regular income throughout the harvest coffee season. 

This lot is milled and exported by Ikawa Nziza which began in 2013 as a partnership between the owners of Cafex mill and Schluter specifically aimed at building and promoting the specialty coffee production in Burundi. Ikawa Nziza’s mill is the first purpose-built specialty drymill in Burundi, designed to cater for high-quality microlot coffees. 


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