La Victoria - Washed 350g (Costa Rica)

Tangerine, Honeysuckle and Lemon.

Region: Tarrazú
Country: Costa Rica
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra/Catuai
Producer: Cristian Murillo Coto
Altitude: 1500m


La Victoria is a 22-hectare farm located in the district of San Gabriel in the Tarrazú region. Produced by Cristian Murillo Coto, this coffee is a blend of caturra and catuaí wet processed by the treatment facility at Rio Jorco.

Rio Jorco is a company that produces, transforms and exports the coffee it produces. Over the years, it has also persuaded neighbouring farms to work towards quality, to offer their coffees as microlots, giving excellent results in the cup.

Having belonged to the same family for three generations, they are devoted to producing the highest quality Tarrazú, whilst playing a large role in maintaining ecological balance.

Rio Jorco's motto, “Quality with passion”, accurately describes the great attention to detail they place in their production process, their transformation factory and their coffee selection. The treatment factory is a highly ecological facility: process water is recycled, pulping is used as natural fertiliser and the fuel used for the mechanical equipment comes from recycling trees that have fallen down in the forest. 

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