Parallel Seasonal Blend 350g

Version 7 - Rwanda:

50% Bumbogo (Washed Red Bourbon)

50% Kalimbi (Washed Red Bourbon)

Parallel has been over a year's worth of research and development. We have been working to create a blend like no other and something that would change people's perspective on what a blend can be.

A truly seasonal offering, each iteration will be two different coffees from a single country of origin carefully selected to be similar if not identical in specific attributes such as their density and altitude. These shared attributes lead to their being equivalent in solubility, arguably the most important commonality there can be between the components of a blend as far as an even extraction. The only major difference will be their soil and thus their own particular flavours.

Each coffee is therefore flavoursome and balanced both alone and in combination, meaning uncontrollable variation in the distribution of beans from one dose to the next doesn't affect the overall flavour of the resultant espresso. One does not give us its best before or after the other. If one coffee has been brewed right, both have.

Parallel will change in profile and in country of origin with the seasons in its entirety. This, we believe, is how it should be.

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