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Rwamatamu (Rwanda)

Rwamatamu (Rwanda)

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Pine, White Grape & Dark Chocolate

Region : Western Province
Country: Rwanda
Process: Washed
Varietal : Red Bourbon
Producer : Rwamatamu Community Washing Station
Altitude : 1800 - 2000

Rwamatamu’s coffee farm and washing station is located in the Western province of Rwanda, where the landscape consists of picturesque rolling hills flanked around Lake Kivu in Nyamasheke District.

This region provides a tropical highland climate with a high stable  temperature and regular rainfall, which aids to consistent coffee production.

Rwamatamu Coffee are currently in the process of gaining their organic and fair-trade certifications and they work tirelessly to have a positive social and economic impact on local farmer communities. Over 80% of their workforce are women. By setting a standard of quality each year, investing in the growth of employees, and also committing to a regular purchase of beans, local farmers have more stability and financial freedom, helping to build healthy relationships with the community.


Our packaging is made in a carbon-neutral manufacturing process and is fully recyclable in the UK. Our bespoke packing process means that our coffees remain as fresh as the day they were roasted for up-to 3 years while unopened.


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