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Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Brewer

Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Brewer

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The perfect automatic brewer for your home or the office, the Wilfa Classic+ combines subtle aesthetics with imminent ease of use, complete with a 350g bag of Maude Coffee to enjoy.

With a minimum brew volume of 250ml and a maximum of 1.25L, whether you're just making a cup for yourself or for sharing with others, the Wilfa takes the faff out of brewing and lets you get on with other things while your coffee is made. Its hot plate even keeps your coffee hot for the first 40 minutes after you brew.

Simply put in a filter paper, add your favourite ground coffee and fill up the tank with cold water to the correct volume for your coffee weight, and turn it on. The Wilfa heats the water to between 92-96 celsius and pours it over the coffee. A few minutes later, once all the water has passed through, your coffee is ready.

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