Friends Of Maude - Part 1: Leeds

Friends Of Maude - Part 1: Leeds

As a coffee roaster which, though open to visits from you guys, doesn’t have a dedicated café space of our own, we rely on our network of friends and wholesalers to bring our coffee to you. A feature that we hope to bring to the site in future is a dedicated page featuring the places where you can come have a Maude Coffee brew across the UK (and even Europe). Until then, here’s the first of a two-part guide to some of the great places out there you can find our beans at, beginning with the spaces and places that can be found in our hometown of Leeds and its surrounds.


Mrs. Atha’s

Leeds City Centre








Matt’s old stomping ground, Mrs. Atha’s have been bringing speciality coffee to the people of Leeds for near on 5 years now. Alongside a breakfast and lunch menu that guarantees something for everyone, you can have our beans on pretty much any brew method that takes your fancy, be it espresso, pourover, Aeropress or batch brew and for the tea fanatics among you a pot of their wide selection of Postcard Tea from London.


Whitelock's Ale House & Turk’s Head

Leeds City Centre

Leeds oldest pub by a good century or two, whether you want the traditional stylings of Whitelocks or the modern sleek offering of Turk’s Head, those wanting a non-alcoholic perking up will find us on batch filter.


Good Luck Club

Wellington Plaza







Bringing a New York vibe to lunchtime Leeds, Good Luck Club serve our coffee alongside food cooked on their charcoal grill in their sleek modern interior. They also offer a full alcohol menu for the middle of those long days or your wind down afterwards, and offer breakfast table reservations to make those early doors meetings more bearable. 


Hyde Park Book Club

Woodhouse Moor

Deep in the heart of studentsville at Hyde Park Corner, HPBC provide much needed coffee to the students of Leeds alongside an all-veggie menu of meat-free deliciousness imported from Holland’s Vegetarian Butcher. Alongside this is an impressive alcohol selection, be it beer, wine or spirits, for those wanting hair of the dog or to get the party rolling.


Climbing Lab

Kirkstall Industrial Estate

Mountain climbers, I’m told, bloody love coffee. Maybe it’s the caffeine boost to make that last leap for the next handhold. Maybe it’s because it’s hot. Whichever it is, Climbing Lab are making sure you’re suitably energised as you scale the walls of their state-of-the-art bouldering centre on Kirkstall Industrial Estate.


Raynville Superstore


The kind of beer shop with a range so vast you’ll suffer an existential crisis at your own comparative insignificance, Raynville Superstore also sell retail boxes of our beans for your morning wake up after the craft beer the night before.


Salami & Co.









Taking the phrase “dog-friendly cafe” to a whole new level, Salami & Co. is named after the owners’ adorable daschund. We supply their single origin espresso, currently their exclusive lot of our La Mochilita from Guatemala. A perfect pairing with their brunch menu for humans or to tide you dog owners over while your pup enjoys the (genuine) hound menu.

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