Because opening and running a coffee shop involves a whole lot more than sourcing the right coffees, we offer various services to our wholesale clients that you can pick and mix from to suit your business’ needs, from coffee through to equipment supply, installation and servicing, and of course training to help you ensure your customers are getting the very best from you and your team.

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Wholesale coffee supply

The choice of what to offer as your house espresso can be a tricky one, while attempting to balance cost with quality, and ensuring that your customers keep coming back time and time again for a consistently great coffee. 

Thats where how our Seasonal Blend, Foundation, was born. Our popular house espresso blend has been carefully curated to provide consistency and reliability in every cup.

In addition, our Core Coffees Range showcase everything the specialty coffee world has to offer; from perfectly balanced blends, to seasonal single origins so theres something for everyone!

All our coffees come with a 3-year shelf life when sealed, thanks to our unique, gas-flushing packaging process.

Our bags are carbon neutral and fully recyclable, complete with a one-way valve to ensure your coffee stays fresh until opened.

Want to reduce your waste? Talk to us about our refillable tub program!


Free training is offered to all of our wholesale customers, whether it's a team day out at the roastery, or getting a new starter up-to-speed. There's no limit to this either, and we actively encourage taking full advantage - the more people who know more about brewing coffee, the more good coffee there is to drink!


We can help you get set up and ready to go, supplying coffee equipment from some of the best manufacturers in the world.

We're proud to supply espresso machines and grinders from Victoria Arduino along with coffee grinders from Mahlkoenig. Chosen not only for their incredibly consistent quality performance but for their energy consumption - designed from the ground up to be the perfect tool for both the barista and the planet.

All our equipment comes with free installation and we offer extended warranties and service contracts for all wholesale customers.

If you have any questions regarding equipment, get in touch for a chat with one of our team!

Mörk Chocolate

Premium hot chocolate from cacao artisans of Melbourne. Mörk was created using the same approach taken by specialty coffee-makers; with respect for the traceability, quality and unique origin of ingredients all the way from bean to cup. That’s what makes Mörk different from other drinking chocolates you find in the industry today..

Available in Junior Dark (50%), Dark Milk & River Salt (65%), Original Dark (70%) and Even Darker (85%). All blends except the Dark Milk & Salt (which contains milk) are vegan friendly.

Damn delicious!

Premium Teas & Chai

Source all of your cafes needs in one place, with our extensive list of Shibui teas, along with Prana Chai's irresistible masala chai blends

Expertise & Experience

Beyond the gear itself, we also offer coffee shop consultation on various aspects of the business and industry as you require. Whether you're a new start-up or an upgrading veteran, our experience can really help you standout for the right reasons in a busy hospitality market.

Our full package, the elements of which you can take or leave as you please, also include: Help with your shop design and concept; the practicalities of ideal workspace layout (for when aesthetics and practicality come apart); consultation on the running of your business; and full scale deployment of your ideas and products into an existing or emerging market in the coffee world.

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We're passionate about working with like-minded people and helping you get the most out of your coffee set-up. If you like what we do, and want to know more about how we can help you on journey, get in touch using the contact form below to start the conversation...

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