Wholesale Coffee & Services


Because opening and running a coffee shop involves a whole lot more than sourcing the right coffees, we offer various services to our wholesale clients that you can pick and mix from to suit your business’ needs, from coffee through to equipment supply, installation and servicing, and of course training to help you ensure your customers are getting the very best from you and your team.

House Espresso
The choice of what to offer as your house espresso can be a tricky one, while attempting to balance cost with quality, and ensuring that your customers keep coming back time and time again for a consistently great coffee. You're also no doubt looking for a way to stand out in a busy trading space while at the same time looking for a supplier who ensures that farmers are rewarded properly for the work that they put in to growing and processing at origin. You'll also no doubt want to source a coffee that pleases those who know and enjoy specialty coffee, alongside those who are simply looking for a quality cup of great tasting yet accessible flavour.

We believe we have the answer for you in our Foundation Blend. We've chosen two delicious single estate coffees that both hold their own very well individually, but that work incredibly well together - a washed Colombian Castillo, and a natural processed Brazilian Catuai. By blending post-roast, we ensure both are roasted perfectly, combining to deliver delicious chocolate and hazelnut flavours. 

Our 1kg wholesale bags are carbon neutral and fully recyclable, complete with a one-way valve to ensure your coffee stays fresh until opened. 

We'd love to show you why we think our house espresso can help you stand out as a specialty coffee shop of excellence.

If you'd like to find out more, or would like samples to taste, please just get in touch via wholesale@maudecoffee.co.uk or give us a call on 0113 247 1108 and we'll be happy to help. You are of course also very welcome to call in for a coffee and a chat!

 Coffee shop equipment supplied by Maude Coffee

Specialty coffee, premium teas, hot chocolate and oat milk
Whether you're an established business or a newcomer to the sector, sourcing the right coffees and beverages for your establishment matters.

We are passionate about what we do and believe this helps our coffees shine amongst the most delicious coffees in the world. We've also spent a lot of time finding what we believe is a great range of (vegan friendly) hot chocolates from Mörk, and are also pleased to be Minor Figures oat milk distributor for the Yorkshire area.

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach, our choice of coffees and our considered approach to roasting, using our experience to really bring out the very best from the beans.

We supply coffee equipment from some of the best manufactures in the world - equipment that we have chosen to use ourselves because like you, we require a level of performance, stability and reliability that will give years of excellent service.

We're proud to supply espresso machines and grinders from Victoria Arduino and Sanremo, along with coffee grinders from Mahlkoenig. At the roastery we've chosen to install the wonderful VA Eagle One, which not only offers incredibly consistent quality performance but also saves considerably on energy consumption over other manufacture machines in the same class - designed from the ground up to not only be the perfect tool for the barista, but also to help do the right thing for the planet.

For batch brewing filter coffee our experience has lead us to supply equipment from Fetco, offering various scales of gear to suit your needs, big or small, coffee shop or office space.

All our equipment comes with free installation and if you wish to become a wholesale customer we offer extended warranties and service contracts for all customers.


Expertise and experience
Beyond the gear itself, we also offer coffee shop consultation on various aspects of the business and industry as you require. Whether you're a new start-up or an upgrading veteran, our experience can really help you standout for the right reasons in a busy hospitality market.

All of our wholesale coffee clients have access to free training from ourselves on espresso, filter, everyday maintenance and everything you need to get your coffee newbies into pros.

Our full package, the elements of which you can take or leave as you please, also include: Help with your shop design and concept; the practicalities of ideal workspace layout (for when aesthetics and practicality come apart); consultation on the running of your business; and full scale deployment of your ideas and products into an existing or emerging market in the coffee world.

You can get in touch with us via email at wholesale@maudecoffee.co.uk 
or if you prefer a good chat, just give us a call on 0113 247 1108 or find us on social via the links in the navigation at the top of the page :)