Our Story

Here at Maude Coffee Roasters, we're all about good vibes and great coffee. Nestled under the railway lines of Leeds, we're not just passionate about roasting top-notch, small-batch specialty coffee - we also care about where our coffee come from and the larger global impact we're making


We believe in fair play too. We're big on teaming up with cooperatives, exporters, and importers who are all about the long game. They're invested in the well-being of the farmers and communities they buy from, paying fair prices and helping to make life better for everyone involved.

We choose to work with folks who respect the planet as much as we do. Our coffee partners follow sustainable farming practices, ensuring that they give back to the land they use. This approach not only produces great coffee, but it also helps protect our planet.


Roasting on a Probat Probatone 12, we roast in small batches to ensure every bean is treated with the utmost attention to detail. Our roasts aim to bring out all the natural flavour and sweetness inherent in the coffee, highlighting the uniqueness of flavour and character of that individual bean and its origin.


Thanks to our unique packaging process, all our coffees come with a 3-year shelf life when sealed. By replacing the oxygen with an inert gas, the ageing process inside the bag is almost completely stopped, locking in both quality and freshness.

All our current packaging, label and valve included, is fully recyclable within the UK and our bags are made within a carbon-neutral manufacturing process.

We are constantly reviewing our packaging materials to make sure we are using the most sustainable options available to us. 

Zero waste coffee supply

In an effort to minimise and reduce waste, we have begun a reusable tub initiative with some of our local partners, which enables us to fulfil wholesale orders in refillable tubs.

No need for packaging, local baristas can just fill the hopper straight from the tub, then simply return the empties back to us to refill again.


Sustainability is a huge driver for us here at Maude. Beginning at farm level, we like to support coffee producers that implement sustainable agricultural practices that respect and regenerate the land that they farm. We strive to ensure an ethical supply chain, choosing to work with cooperatives, exporters, and importers that have an interest in the long-term wellbeing of the farmers and communities that they buy from.

Closer to home, we have strived to reduced energy consumption and emissions within the roastery and production line. All our packaging is made within a carbon-neutral manufacturing process and is fully recyclable within the UK.

We have also teamed up with a local bicycle courier, Hyde Park Messengers, to provide emission-free sustainable deliveries to wholesale customers within the local vicinity

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