Friends Of Maude - Part 2: The UK And Beyond

Friends Of Maude - Part 2: The UK And Beyond

Welcome to the second part of our Friends Of Maude series covering where you can find our coffee on the shelves and in the cup. Part One covered Leeds and its more immediate neighbours, now we cast our view wider to cover the coffee shops across the rest of the UK and beyond.

Java Joe


Who says motorway offramp coffee has to be garbage? Java Joe are bringing Bradford motorists and passers-by caffeinated goodness, be it drive-thru coffee to go you need or a much-needed sit down in their café space.

Wainwright’s Coffee


Benjamin Beagles. That’s all.

Okay, maybe a little bit more. Our good friend and former staff member Ben is helming this fine member of Bristol's bustling speciality coffee scene, offering ourselves across a range of different brew methods from filter to espresso alongside Bristol locals Clifton Coffee Roasters. The lad can cook so expect a solid food menu to fill you up.

Bould Brothers


Bringing speciality coffee to the people of Cambridge, Bould Brothers sling shots of espresso on their sleek Black Eagle espresso machine alongside a stunning selection of homemade cakes.

Baltzersen's Cafe


Scandinavian inspired food and ambience situated in the centre of Harrogate, Baltzersen's offer a great range of savoury food and sweet cakes originating or drawing from the cuisine of our northern chillier European cousins. Those who prefer their coffees black or with a dash of milk will find ourselves on their batch brew.


The Camberley Bed & Breakfast


Wanting to offer a higher quality of coffee than the usual dark bitter brews bed and breakfasters are treated to, The Camberley now offer our Parallel seasonal blend with their breakfast to help wake you up before you venture forth to explore Harrogate and its surrounding countryside.

Kiosk Project Space


A multiroaster coffee shop showcasing a rotating selection of roasteries from across Yorkshire alongside some beautiful pottery and art, Kiosk are dedicated to giving everything they do a considered approach and the time it deserves to make it as special as it can be. Their tiny little space on Fossgate has a delicious breakfast and lunch menu alongside a range of different brew methods for your coffee.


Broken Biscuits

Paris, France

Serving some of the most beautiful little cakes and patisseries your eyes have ever peeped to the 11th Arrondissement, Mr. and Mrs. Biscuits (as we know them) also offer ourselves on espresso as the perfect pairing with their treats.


ORYGYNS Speciality Coffee

Bucharest, Romania

ORYGYNS showcase a different European roaster each month, carefully curating so as to best reflect the roaster's approach and the difference in flavour notes across origins and process types. They offer alongside this freshly baked patisserie and sandwiches to make sure they lure you in out of the cold. They aim to make the experience of enjoying your coffee as fun and relaxed as it can be.

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