Our Coffee Bags - Now Bigger And Better

Our Coffee Bags - Now Bigger And Better

We recently had to say goodbye to our beloved boxes after 2 years of solid service. Rather than simply mourn this change and try to reclaim something similar, we decided to take the opportunity to completely revisit how our coffees are presented on retail shelves and in your home. Now we are proud to unveil our beautiful new retail coffee bags.

All the information you could ever want about our coffee is now placed firmly on the front, from the flavour notes that make you want to drink it there and then to the farmer we all owe a debt to for nurturing this delicious crop for us.

Images of our faithful Probat Probatone 12 and the leaves of the Arabica coffee plant complete the side panels, highlighting often unseen stages of the coffee’s journey to your cup on the kitchen table first thing on a morning.

Aside from a change in image, we’re also upping our size from 250g to the more international standard of 350g. With every purchase you now have more beans to enjoy and really savour over a longer time.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new design and the fresh harvest of coffee coming to our online store inside them soon.
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