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Timemore Black Mirror Nano Coffee Scale

Timemore Black Mirror Nano Coffee Scale

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 Timemore Black Mirror Nano is a perfect espresso-focussed coffee scale with a simple and sharp design. With a slender footprint and standing just 2cm tall, they fit seamlessly between drip tray and portafilter of all popular consumer machines. The reinforced skeleton makes for an even better feel and build quality, a physical on/off switch and tactile buttons for easier use when timing and weighing. 


  • Re-chargeable with a 15 hour battery life
  • Flow rate button 
  • Easy to use modes for pour over and espresso 
  • Precise inbuilt timer 
  • Type C charging port - USB charger included 
  • Scratch resistant matte texture 
  • Removable silicone mat 
  • Water resistant and heatproof 
  • Back lit digital display 
  • Wipe clean stain resistant weighing surface 
  • Max 2000g 
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