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Volcano (Colombia)

Volcano (Colombia)

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Hazelnut, milk chocolate & grapfruit

Region: Nariño
Country: Colombia
Process: Washed
Variety: Castillo & Caturra
Producer: Co-op de Cafes Especiales de Nariño
Altitude: 1700-2200m

This coffee is a delightful blend of castillo and caturra varietals from the volcanic slopes of Nariño, south Colombia.

Volcano explodes with a flavour profile unique to Nariño’s growing conditions. Boasting a large number of volcanos in the area, Nariño’s soil is nutrient-rich with volcanic ash, locking in extra flavour at the root.

The region sits higher in altitude than most other coffee growing regions, especially in Colombia, resulting in a lower average air temperature. The cooler climate helps the coffee cherries to mature at a slower rate, preserving the sweet sugary taste. 

The Volcano project highlights the exceptional qualities of Nariño’s coffee, thanks to its fertile soil, high altitude, and ideal harvest conditions.


Our packaging is made in a carbon-neutral manufacturing process and is fully recyclable in the UK. Our bespoke packing process means that our coffees remain as fresh as the day they were roasted for up-to 3 years while unopened.

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