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Acaia Lunar Espresso Coffee Scale

Acaia Lunar Espresso Coffee Scale

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The kit the experts turn to to ensure they’re making spot on espressos, the Acaia Lunars are the most accurate and durable espresso-dedicated scales on the market.

Designed to take the stick of use and abuse in a commercial environment, their low profile and mug-sized width make them the perfect fit for your espresso machine drip trays for live weighing of espresso shots. And there’s no need to worry about stray water droplets and puddles on the tray – they are highly water resistant so they can stand up to little accidents during brewing.

With the auto-timer start, they can even record your shot times for you. Pair it with the app and it’s up 0.01g accurate fast-response weighing, you’ll have no trouble dialling in and following your espresso recipes.

They are USB chargeable with a long battery life. Included is a 2-year limited manufacturers warranty, which includes water damage.


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