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Mörk Chocolate - 65% Dark Milk & Salt

Mörk Chocolate - 65% Dark Milk & Salt

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Cacao: 65%

Origin: Sambirano, Madagascar

Mörk hot chocolate blends have been carefully hand crafted by Cacao Artisans of Melbourne.

If you're a fan of salted caramel's salted sweetness, this is the chocolate for you. Slightly darker than the Junior 50%, this 65% Dark Milk & Salt blends caramel notes from the Madagascan cacao with a pinch of river salt that adds an almost spicy zing to the cup alongside smooth hints of malt and honey.

Ingredients: dark milk chocolate (cacao mass, cacao butter, cane sugar, powdered milk, soy lecithin) cacao powder, coconut blossom sugar, Murray River salt

 Note: This variety of Mörk is not suitable for a vegan diet, unlike the other 3 flavours available.

Contains milk and milk products, and may contain traces of nuts

All natural ingredients and gluten free.

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