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Origami Brewer - Orange

Origami Brewer - Orange

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The stylish and innovative pour-over brewer taking the coffee world by storm.

Inspired by the playful art of origami, this Japanese-made dripper is a feast for the eyes, featuring a vibrant design and unique folded form. But don't be fooled by its good looks - the Origami Dripper is a serious brewing tool.

Developed in collaboration with baristas, the 20 ribs (channels) ensure optimal water flow and extraction, for a smooth, flavorful cup every time. The ribs also prevent clogging and allow you to precisely control the dripping speed, unlocking a world of brewing possibilities.

Crafted from Mino porcelain, renowned for its quality and heat retention. The Origami Dripper elevates your coffee experience and is the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate both design and deliciousness.

Order yours today and discover the art of pour-over brewing!

Also available in Matt Pink

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